A fully automatic cleaning device for water- cooling and heating ducts

With DREYPROPER  to win on all levels

DREYPROPER is a fully automatic cleaning device for water- cooling and heating
ducts. The new sampling process makes cleaning much more efficient.


  • Inexpensive and easy cleaning of tempering-/ cooling channels about existing connections
  • Reliable removal of even stubborn encrustations by special environmentally friendly cleaning products and new, more effective sampling ethod
    • Fully automatic cleaning programs
    • Compliance with all statutory wastewater regulations
    • Mobile unit for use on armed tools, heat exchangers, chillers, heaters etc.
    • Always fully operational tools
  • Short machine downtimes
    • It is possible to blow out the cooling channels


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The features and amenities

• Up to eight flow monitored flushing connections
• Fully automatic cleaning of cooling channels; Filter of lime and rust from the water
• Permanent monitoring of the rinsing
• Automatic shutdown after completion of the cleaning process
• Leakage monitoring
• Integrated safety catch basin
• Touch-screen display: temperature, pH, pump running, the duration of cleaning, etc.
• Automatic neutralization by ph-monitoring
• Detergent can be discharged directly into the environmentfriendly channel
• Needs-based approach of the rinse solution
• Frequency-controlled, multi-stage centrifugal pump
• Compressed air connection

Dreyroper 4.1

with 8 outputs (instead of 4 outputs)

Technical data


Technical data  
length 1210 mm
width  809 mm
height  1025 mm
weight empty + full  150 kg / 400 kg
electrical connection 400 V / 16 A
performance max. 6,4 kW
control Siemens SPS
operating pressure < 6 bar
flushing Dreyproper 4.0 + 4.1 4.0: 4 x 1/2“ + 4.1: 8 x 1/2“
max. flow per canal 21 l/min
pH value 0 – 14
temperature max. 50 °C
fresh water supply 1/2“
drain 1“