Corrosion, as well as hardness and silicate stabilizer


DREYDOS C-297-WT should be dosed in proportion to quantity to the make-up water in a mixing intense point in the system. The DREYDOS C-297-WT content in the water system of open cooling systems should be 80 -150 g / m³. The thickening of the system water should be coordinated due to the water parameters and operating conditions with us


All parts (Pumps, hoses, tubes) that come into contact with the undiluted product must be made of acid-resistant material (e.g., PE, PP, PVC). When processing DREYDOS C-297-WT the instructions given on the product label and the safety data sheet must be observed.

DREYDOS C-297-WT is a product based on organic ingredients for hardness and silicate stabilizer, and corrosion protection in open cooling systems and humidifiers.

Product description

  • Corrosion protection by development of protective coatings on the metal surfaces
  • Corrosion inhibition of iron, steel, copper, brass and cast iron
  • Contains anodic and cathodic effective inhibitors
  • Prevention of hardness deposits by threshold-effect
  • Contains anodic and cathodic effective inhibitors
  • Dispergierung von Kalk, Eisenoxyden, Schwebeteilchen
  • Stabilisierung der Silikate bis 300g/m³
  • Bei Hochdosierung werden bestehende Beläge abgelöst
  • Determination of the product content with the help of the test kit possible

Aussehen: gelbe, klare Flüssigkeit

pH-Wert: 1,39 ± 0,53

Dichte (20° C) g/cm³: 1,07 ± 0,03