Disinfectants and stabilizing agent


The amount of the dosing quantity of DREYDOS G-202-WT is dependent on the water quality and the degree of contamination and must be individually agreed with us.


Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information.

Never mix DREYDOS G-202-WT with other products. As materials for dosing lines and valves are suitable: PVDF, PTFE, stainless steel. Not suitable: PVC, NBR, PA, gunmetal and brass. Do not store DREYDOS G-202-WT at temperatures above 30°C.

When dealing with DREYDOS G-202-WT indicated on the product label instructions and the safety data sheet must be observed.

DREYDOS G-202-WT is specifically designed to meet the health rules in humidification systems.

Product description

  • Killing of gram positive and gram negative bacteria, molds, yeasts, viruses, spore-forming in the water
  • Stabilization of the hardness constituents by threshold effect
  • Dispersion of floating and dirt particles
  • max. allowable carbonate hardness: 3.5 mmol/l (20°dKH)
  • oxidative effective
  • Evidence of product effect by the plate count
  • combined with UV disinfection