The amount of the dosing quantity of DREYDOS G-264-WT is dependent on the water quality and the degree of contamination. Depending on the operation of the system is to check whether a sufficient residence time of the product is ensured in the system. The amount of the dosage amount is usually between 85-450 g / m³ system contents.


Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information.

Do not mix DREYDOS G-264-WT with other products. Do not store at temperatures above 50°C.

As materials for dosing lines and valves are suitable: PE, PVC and all acid resistant materials.

When dealing with DREYDOS G-264-WT the instructions given on the product label and the safety data sheet must be observed.

DREYDOS G-264-WT is specifically designed to bring at high pH values still optimal performance. It is ideal for disinfection of cooling water in open systems such as recoolers or process water.

Product description

  • Killing of gram positive and gram negative bacteria, molds, yeasts, viruses, spore-forming in the water
  • non-foaming
  • oxidative effective
  • chlorine free
  • odorless
  • Evidence of product effect by the plate count
  • combined with UV disinfection