Both sides will benefit from wattec® franchise: The franchise-taker as a self-employed businessman obtains the right to lead an own registered office to operate under the name wattec. He avails himself of the know-how of wattec® and profits by advertisement and low price conditions. In contrast he is obliged to fulfill requirements and standard of the franchise-partner. Our company wattec® insists therefore on a strict compliance to our quality standards and environmental protection.

Wattec® and his partners give competently advice to you and answer all upcoming questions. The bigger the success of an own registered office, the more popular wattec® becomes – and vice versa.

Drop by drop for your interest

Social competence and personal responsibility are the core characteristics that must occupy a franchise-holder. The daily expectations of the customer, of the enterprise and of the staff member must never gutted.

Franchise authorizations would only assigned to individuals, who will devote the hole entrepreneurial activity only to the own franchise establishment. Every Franchise partner must have to represent the wattec® company at the own market region.