Fouling and corrosion on heat exchangers and sprinkling filters can reduce the output easily of approximately 30%.

Our wattec®-systems consist of perfectly adapted components from the domains of chemistry, technique and electric and thus, they prevent corrosion and they care for a clean heat transfer.

Thanks to our ARIS I-installations you will gain not only energy and water but furthermore you will increase your operating income.

A good atmospheric environment, healthy employees, ideal effort.

Our ARIS II-systems will help you to create an ideal atmospheric environment. Feel free to contact us.

Fouling, corrosion products and changes in feeder water cause a higher use of energy and water.

Our ARIS III-systems will optimize your water and energy balance. Due to the special chemical for your system, the water treatment, the metering and the control our wattec®-systems will provide you more reliability and cost control.

Drinking water is a valuable good.

wattec®-treatment programs will help you to protect and to conserve your hydraulic lines and installations.

Our drinking water system ARIS IV will be adapted to your personal needs and will make sure that you will be able to always tap hygienically clean drinking water.

What we do


Interview with participating persons Information on needs and request


Check on machinery and system Mechanical and chemical inspection


Concept of an ARIS-installation Predefinition of yield targets, creation of service concept


Operation manual Detailed guidelines, written contingency plans and operator training

Acompanying documents:

Report on service by staff Surveillance of development and identification of new possibilities to enhance yield


Documentation of yield Review with decision-makers


You are welcome to download below questionnaires, fill out and send a request basis to us by e -mail.