Fine filter backwashable aris RF 1″ – 2″ / RF-RAM


By filtering out rust particles, dirt particles, sand grains, lime and installation residues, contact corrosion in the piping system as well as malfunctions of valves, flow heaters, etc. are avoided.
By backwashing and simultaneous water supply with filtered water, no interruption of operation is necessary during the backwashing process.
For hygienic reasons, filters must be serviced at least every 6 months.


Fine filter manually backwashable (RF):

  • Housing with pressure gauge
  • Filter cup made of impact-resistant, crystal-clear plastic
  • Stainless steel fine filter
  • Brass fittings and housing
  • Ball valve with drain connection
  • Double ring wrench for filter cup

Fine filter with option backwash automatic (RF-RAM) additionally with:

  • Backwash with automatic timer, adjustable between 4 minutes and 3 months
    (factory setting 45 days)
  • Automatic run-on in case of power failure (battery-supported)
  • Possibility of manual backwashing
  • Connection options for remote monitoring, remote switching and differential pressure switch

Test mark

All materials used are physiologically safe and in accordance with the drinking water ordinance. A DIN/DVGW approval is available.

Additional functions (only with RF-RAM option)

Remote control:

1.) potential-free contact
2.) Open collector output: The minimum hold time is 1 second in both cases. Backwashing takes place after the start and U+ inputs have been disconnected again.

1.) Remote switching
(potential-free contact)
2.) Remote switching
(open collector output)

Remote monitoring:

For remote monitoring of the open-close position of the ball valve, we recommend installing a device of the central control system with 0…10V input. The max. current is 10mA. When the mains voltage is applied, an actual value lower than 0.5V means that the ball valve is open. At a value between 5V and 6V, the ball valve is closed.

Differential pressure switch:

The backwash function can be triggered as required using the Diff-P differential pressure switch with potential-free microswitch. We recommend a setting of 1 bar differential pressure. The automatic backwash function is only triggered after the START and U+ inputs have been disconnected again, i.e. after the differential pressure has dropped below the set value. This ensures that a maximum amount of water is available for backwashing. If the backwashing is to be performed immediately, i.e. independent of the duration of the differential pressure signal, the U+ and SIGN inputs must be connected instead.

Option automatic backwash